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Summer Art camps


Acting camp

The first day is dedicated to getting to know each other and brainstorming the program for the following four days. Even the introduction is built upon improvisational and playful acting exercises. Through exploring the playing area, costumes, and puppets, the children are inspired, and one or more stories begin to take shape. By the end of the day, we need to determine how many "stories/scenes" we will stage and what theatrical tools and musical artworks we will utilize. On the second, third, and fourth days, we work in smaller or larger groups to develop different parts of the plan, and at the end of each day, we present them to the group. We try to refine the individual details. Throughout this process, there will be time for discussions, water-based and shaded playground activities, movement exercises, and learning circus juggling tricks every day. On Friday, the completed program (play, workshop works) will be performed in the META Chamber Hall. The audience will consist of the campers (alongside other children and their teachers who are engaged in different artistic disciplines) as well as invited guests.

Crafting camp

During the arts and crafts camp, titled "Journey around the World, Even to the Farthest Seas," the children create different artworks each day using various techniques. We acquaint them with felting, painting, drawing, nailing, carving, sewing, and making papier-mâché sculptures, props, and costumes. Anything can be made from anything, with an emphasis on recycling.

Music camp

During the camp, with the guidance of our music teachers, the children collaborate to create a performance in which each child participates with their own instrument and voice. They showcase this performance in the form of a concert on the last day of the camp. Rehearsals take place in the morning hours, and after the outdoor activities following lunch, the children can engage in workshops involving music and other artistic disciplines that serve relaxation and the development of social competencies, always ensuring enjoyment. They can try out various percussion instruments, flutes, guitars, and pianos. For beginners, the program also aids in making future instrument choices.

Photography and filmmaking camp

The most essential photography and filmmaking tool of our time is the mobile phone, which children often hold in their hands. This miniature computer offers countless functions and programs that adults are not even aware of. Parents are often amazed by what their children can do with their phones. In our camps, visual artists and art educators-in-training lead the program, aiming to teach conscious image creation, the "message" of an image, and the importance of film content. They expand the children's existing technical knowledge, primarily focusing on editing. Editing helps emphasize effects and messages. If the plan allows, they assign each other roles, and animated films are created from drawings, objects, and puppet movements. Longer and shorter films are traditionally screened on Friday afternoons (and explanations are given for what should have been included, what interruptions occurred, leading to insufficient time during the five days).

Participation fee (5 days): 50.000.- HUF

In case of siblings, and/or in case of applying for multiple camps:

48.000.- HUF / person

Price of meals (3 times per day): 3.500 HUF / day


Available camps:

1. Camp [June 24 - 28]

  • Music camp

  • Handicraft camp

2. Camp [July 8 – 12]

  • Acting camp

  • Music camp


3. Camp [July 15 – 19]

  • Acting camp

  • Photo & Filming


You can also apply by filling out one of the following documents.

You can send it back to us to, or
print it out and give it to us in person:

Address: 1133 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula street 97/c

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